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Getting customers to read, click or buy

Decoding how your customers make purchase decisions

Understand why your customers buy what they buy?

how your customers decide?

At its core great marketing is about understanding how customers think and make decisions. I'll bring in the latest insights from consumer psychology and behaviour economics. The result will mean your marketing will focus on the things that matter for the customer.

“My job is to ensure your customers have everything they need to feel comfortable making a purchase”

Map out all the places where customers are won and lost

Successful marketing means understanding the story of how your target customers decide what to buy and who from. If done well, mapping a customer's behaviour is an essential process to help decide how and where to target your limited marketing efforts.

Smoothing the customers path to purchase
Smoothing the customers path to purchase

Understand where in the buying process you have problems

Understand why your customers brought from your competitors

Create experiences your customers are happy to do again

“Many businesses struggle with marketing because they've failed to identify the route causes of their problems”

Target customers psychological goals to better connect & persuade

Products and services help customers achieve their goals. These goals can be both psychological and functional. We need a car to get from A to B but we drive a BMW because 'of status..'' It is the psychological goals where purchase decisions are principally made and marketers should focus.

Goal directed behaviour

Understand the deep reasons why customers buy.

Target the sub-conscious goals for greater success

Make it easy for customers to buy and achieve their goals.

Understand customer heuristics for high converting communication

Many small businesses haven't utilised to the extent they should have the wide range of heuristics or mental short cuts customers use when making decisions. From your website design to your copywriting I can incorporate the right heuristic relevant to your industry and the context you are using it.

Customer Heuristics (Mental Shortcuts)

Understand the mental shortcuts your customers use to choose.

Use the right heuristics to reduce complexity for customers

Do the marketing perceived as difficult for long term success.

What can you expect in my first 4 weeks working for you.

Some of the biggest opportunities to learn are before I start working. I get to experience your business as a customer would.

Marketing calendar first day

1st DAY

Learn from your customer

While I have fresh eyes I like to experience your business and competitors as a customer would.

Analyse your competitors

Early on I'll pretend to be a customer, search and evaluate both you and your competitors and in some cases buy and use.

Marketing calendar first week

1st WEEK

Understand your business

My first few days are all about listening. I want to find out about your business and your team.

Listen to your staff

What does success mean to you and your team? What are your ambitions and goals? All staff at all levels have a story to tell.

Marketing calendar first month


Setting up for success

The first month I'll start to dig deeper into your business, customers and competitors.

Grow your business

I'll start to put a plan together for long term success. But along the way I'll also offer quick fixes to improve and grow your business.

Get Started

Let’s talk about what a successful marketing programme looks like for your business.

Let me know know who you are and what success means to you

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