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Identify your unique marketing problems

'a customer that doesn't know you exists' (is an awareness or SEO problem). This is a different from 'a customer who is happy with what they have' (Endowment or status quo problem).

Psychology: Heuristics and the mental models customers use to make a purchase

I'll introduce the important heuristics for your business category, products and service. You'll learn when social proof is important, when to use authority figures and when to use scarcity.

Demonstrate conviction, trust and competence.

The marketing customers notice are the things perceived as difficult to do. It demonstrates your business is long term motivated. A quick social media post is not as valuable as a well crafted video.

Weeding out the superfluous, unimportant marketing tactics

How much return are you getting from social media? Would this time and money be better spent on search ads to improve your visibility in search results.

Understand the SEO you can fix quickly and what SEO is tough to fix.

We can fix SEO on-page issues in an afternoon. But deeper off-page SEO problems may require months of investment particularly if you want to rank for high demand / high conversion keywords.

Website review with conversion barriers

I'll give a review of your website providing useful feedback on, usability issues, conversion barriers and copywriting suggestions. You'll learn to know what's important for conversion and what to leave out.


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