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Digital Marketing designed to grow your business

Marketing specifically designed for small businesses looking for a realistic, intelligent and psychological route to more customers

6 steps towards growth

more customers with psychology
Marketing Planning for small businesses
1. Strategic Planning

Grow your business with a marketing plan tailored to your business, customers & competition

What's preventing your business from getting more customers? This isn't always easy but is essential for effective marketing and better budget allocation. I can help your business identify and reduce your specific barriers to more customers.

"I'll grow your business faster by slowing down and planning effectively"

Customer acquisition for small Kent businesses
2. Customer Acquisition

Grow your business by attracting the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

Reach more customers anywhere without hustling or pimping your business. I can identify the best tactics to generate leads, find new profitable customers, and do all this within budget. A careful, well thought out communication plan will attract the right customers, in the right way.

"Often, the best place to look for marketing gold is where your competitors aren't looking"

Customer loyalty and retention for small businesses in Kent
3. Customer Retention

Grow your business by increasing loyalty and purchases with existing customers

I can set up a marketing programme to get existing customers to buy more, increase the size of their purchases and to to be brand advocates for your business. We'll start building consistent and smooth customer journeys where every customer interaction is planned and designed.

Customer loyalty and retention for small businesses in Kent
4. Search Engine Optimisation

Grow your business by increasing your visibility and rank in search results (SEO)

The intensity of your competitors will influence the nature of SEO tactics we'll employ. At it's core I'll make sure your SEO has been incorporated into your website correctly. Adjusting and fine tuning the HTML code, and other elements to give your business the best chance to appear higher in search results.

Customer loyalty and retention for small businesses in Kent
5. Website Design

Grow your business by designing a persuasive website your customers trust.

An easy to use persuasive website is crucial for most small businesses. I have a deep understanding of psychological principles concerning visitors, their behaviour, and how they interact online. The result is a website that has the best chance of persuading your visitors to do what you want them to do.

It's easy to add things to a website but effective design means reducing complexity and taking things away"

Customer loyalty and retention for small businesses in Kent
6. Data Analysis

Grow your business even further with essential data and analytics

With limited money and time we need to focus your marketing on the things that drive results. Data analysis and the right metrics will save you money previously spent on the wrong marketing activities. I can set up the best metrics to monitor and also advise which vanity metrics to avoid.

Testimonial | Kent

Marketing | Website | E-book | 6 years

Bryan delivers exceptional results on time and on budget (and always with a smile)

Bryan is the first person we turn to for advice. Built 4 websites Highly skilled, technically brilliant professional, and super easy to work with. He has built a number of websites for us including Grierson Galleries and NB Gurung Artist. Also created our ebook for Kindle. I can't praise him enough.

Annie Watsham (Owner)
Grierson Galleries


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My approach to marketing

Understanding human psychology in marketing

Thinking like a

I like to bring in ideas from the behaviourial sciences

At its core great marketing is about understanding how customers think. We therefore must understand and bring in insights from evolutionary psychology and behavioural economics. This will give us the knowledge to understand, predict and influence customers.

"Grow your business faster by understanding why some consumers buy from your competitors?"

Illogical and experimental marketing

I like to bring in ideas that are fresh and surprising

Doing what all your competitors do pretty much ensures you're going to be average. It feels safe but means you'll never stand out. Sometimes we need marketing that ignores convention.

Get marketing ideas from business owner
Get marketing ideas from staff Get marketing ideas from the office dog

I like to bring in ideas and knowledge from all staff

Marketing works best when contributions and ideas can freely flow. An insight, suggestion or improvement can come from staff at all levels. From the manager to the janitor I can learn from them all. Thank you


Better Writing
Better Results

Often neglected yet highly influential, words matter.

Your website is persuasive
Your emails are clear
Your stories connect
and your customers are moved

Your website is confusing
Your social media is ignored
Your business remains average
and Google ignores you

Your customer is the hero
You address their hopes
You understand their fears
You speak their language
and you never have to waffle

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There's no need to pay or wait for additional designers

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Understanding customers, caring for customers and building authentic connections is the type of marketing I want to do. If you feel the same then let's work together.

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