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Freelance Marketing Manager Bryan Dibben

Hi, I'm Bryan. I'm a

Freelance Digital Marketing Manager from Cranbrook, Kent

I work in house or remotely helping small businesses and start ups to find and fix marketing and website problems.

Grow your business with intelligent targeted marketing

Marketing specifically designed for small businesses looking for a realistic, intelligent and psychological route to more customers

6 steps towards growth

more customers with psychology

Marketing Manager | 8 years

Bryan helped us transform from a small startup into a large event company

Many marketing managers can claim they deliver but Bryan actually does. During the last 8 years he has helped us transform from a small catering company into a large events company. We are currently fully booked for the next 18 months. We have 40 large events booked for next year. What more can we say? Absolutely lovely and extremely professional.

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Nicci Gurr (Owner)
Home Gurrown Ltd
Cranbrook, Kent

"If I think I can’t achieve successful results I won't take you on as a client."

What can you expect in my first 4 weeks working for you.

Some of the biggest opportunities to learn are before I start working. I get to experience your business as a customer would.

Marketing calendar first day

1st DAY

Learn from your customer

While I have fresh eyes I like to experience your business and competitors as a customer would.

Analyse your competitors

Early on I'll pretend to be a customer, search and evaluate both you and your competitors and in some cases buy and use.

Marketing calendar first week

1st WEEK

Understand your business

My first few days are all about listening. I want to find out about your business and your team.

Listen to your staff

What does success mean to you and your team? What are your ambitions and goals? All staff at all levels have a story to tell.

Marketing calendar first month


Setting up for success

The first month I'll start to dig deeper into your business, customers and competitors.

Grow your business

I'll start to put a plan together for long term success. But along the way I'll also offer quick fixes to improve and grow your business.