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Bryan Dibben Marketing Manager

Marketing & Website Consultant

You’re a business in Kent with big plans (but barely enough time to drink your coffee)

Cost to hire me
Marketing & website expertise from £3,600 a month

Fully Booked till Sept 2018

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Do you need a trusted, proven, veteran digital marketing expert to help grow your business?

Are you worried about getting enough customers? Perhaps your current website is not performing as you expected. Or you just need somebody to talk to – a trusted marketing expert who can give you honest advice.

Other businesses tend to hire me when they need a guarantee of more customers and current website and marketing solutions need boosting.

outwit competition - successful marketing process

Am I qualified?

  • MASTERS in Marketing  | London Metropolitan University | 2005

  • DEGREE in Marketing  | London College of Communication | 2002

  • Current Research  | Consumer Psychology & Behaviourial Economics

  • 20+ years experience  | Helping business owners and local businesses in Kent

You’re my ideal client if …

You’re a local Kent Business
You’re a business in Kent with big plans (but barely enough time to drink your coffee)

twoYou want a Return on Investment
You know the importance of getting a great R.O.I from your website and marketing spending.

You want better marketing results
You’ve perhaps tried many marketing and website ideas but need better results.

small business consultant

Learn how my process adds up to your success.

Helping you understand why your customers do what they do and how to influence them

Why do some of your customers buy from your competitors? I’ll help you understand the thought processes and stages your customers go through and how these relate to your business and your competition. The results are marketing and websites that are persuasiveness which slyly outwit your competition.

customer journey in marketing

Helping you identify (not guess) what marketing and website changes you’ll need

Choosing the wrong marketing or building an ineffective website costs you in lost revenue. Hire me and you’ll get to know what website and marketing activities are likely to be more profitable to target. Meaning you get a targeted marketing and website programme designed to outmanoeuvre your competition.

stop marketing underperformance

Get an effective marketing & website with clear targets and results.

I’ll get to work turning customer understanding to your advantage. The type of things I’ll design include everything from SEO to traditional advertising to web design with persuasive copywriting. However, I’ll also include non-traditional creative approaches often leveraging and applying psychological insights from the behavioural sciences.

Everything to gain your business an advantage and clear return on investment.

successful marketing and website for small businesses

Helping you to measure, refine and improve your marketing and website performance

Marketing is tough. It’s like predicting the weather. And just like meteorologists’ – marketers need tools to help predict, measure and improve performance.

I’ll make sure your business is plugged into the most important customer, business and competition monitoring tools currently available. Helping you to slowly refine and improve marketing results ensuring we make it more and more difficult for your competitors to compete.

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