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Bryan Dibben - Small Business Adviser in Kent

1 Kent small businessYou’re a local KENT Business
You’re a business in Kent with big plans (but barely enough time to drink your coffee)

You want better MARKETING results
You’ve perhaps tried many marketing ideas but need better results and a better R.O.I.

You want a strong WEBSITE
You’ve had a website before but you need a new one that attracts and converts more customers.

Cost to hire me

London Business

£48,000 a year £4,050 a month £30 an hour

Kent Business

£32,160 a year £2,713 a month £20 an hour

Cost to hire me

London Business

£48,000 a year £4,050 a month £30 an hour

Kent Business

£32,160 a year £2,713 a month £20 an hour

Helping You Get More Customers

Better Marketing + Stong Website


I’m Bryan a freelance Marketing Manager from Cranbrook, Kent.

Whether you own a local Kent business or about to start up a new venture – formulating and executing a successful marketing plan can be tough. Sometimes you need an outside perspective. Some independent advice from an expert. Someone to fight your corner.

Using consumer psychology to nudge you more customers

Let’s start with your customers
Hire me and my work typically starts by immersing myself in your business – understanding how your customers think and turning this to your advantage. (A sort of expert in consumer psychology). From this we’ll begin to write, budget & execute an effective digital marketing plan.

Lets finish by measuring the results…
When you hire me I always stick my neck on the line by insisting we carry out testing to verify I’ve significantly added more customers, more revenue or more growth. And this is why other businesses feel comfortable hiring me.

What results can you expect?

You can expect between 20% to 100% increase in customers. (Or for some business we measure an increase in £ revenue).  The final results you can expect are however dependent on many factors including your product or service, the intensity of your competition and your budget.

After our first meeting and before you start paying I’ll give you an honest appraisal of how quickly we can expect results.

Can I guarantee results?

(Sorry, I can’t – nor can anyone else)

I worked with many different businesses and it’s fair to say not everything I did was a success. But every failure was a new lesson learned, and with that came more knowledge. Whilst I can’t guarantee results (no one can) I will always say upfront the level of confidence I hold for certain initiatives.

If I think we can’t achieve successful results I will not take you on as a client.

Am I qualified?

Marketing qualifications - small business consultant
  • MASTERS in Marketing
    London Metropolitan University | 2005
  • DEGREE in Marketing
    London College of Communication | 2002
  • 19+ Years Experience
    Successfully writing & executing marketing plans

  • Consumer Psychology
    Current interests – ‘Science of why customers buy’
View my Resume (PDF)

My current work

Home Gurr'own - Marketing & Web Design
  • Full Marketing Programme
    In a competative market built a cost effective and successful marketing program

  • Website Design
    Built and managed website including SEO,copywriting, images (photography)

Successful Results

“Increased turnover by 550% in 4 years”
” If you’re a small business I’d hire Bryan quickly. Bryan is like a one man marketing department. From designing our website to great insights with our planning. And the results have been fantastic.”

Nicci Gurr - CranbrookNicci Gurr, Home Gurr'own
Read this case study

Previous work

The House Meadow
Wedding Venue
Biddenden, Kent

Holmsted Events
Tipi & Marquee Hire
Headcorn, Kent

Grierson Galleries
Art Gallery & Events
Sevenoaks, Kent

NB Gurung (Ecommerce)
Watercolour Artist
Sevenoaks, Kent

Tell me what you want to achieve

I will call you back and tell you how to make it happen.
(you’ll even learn where & how to save money)

I’m very friendly and always open to discussing new projects

Helping you learn and grow your business

Giving your business a good marketing return on investment takes time, experience and knowing what marketing to focus on and what to ignore.

Helping you
understand why your customers do what they do and how to influence them

Why do some of your customers buy from your competitors? I’ll help you understand the thought processes and stages your customers go through and how these relate to your business and your competition. The results are marketing and websites that are persuasiveness which slyly outwit your competition.

Helping you identify (not guess) what marketing and website changes you’ll need

Choosing the wrong marketing or building an ineffective website costs you in lost revenue. Hire me and you’ll get to know what website and marketing activities are likely to be more profitable to target. Meaning you get a targeted marketing and website programme designed to outmanoeuvre your competition.

Get an effective marketing & website with clear targets and results.

I’ll get to work turning customer understanding to your advantage. The type of things I’ll design include everything from SEO to traditional advertising to web design with persuasive copywriting. However, I’ll also include non-traditional creative approaches often leveraging and applying psychological insights from the behavioural sciences.

Everything to gain your business an advantage and clear return on investment.

Helping you to measure, refine and improve your marketing and website performance

Marketing is tough. It’s like predicting the weather. And just like meteorologists’ – marketers need tools to help predict, measure and improve performance.

I’ll make sure your business is plugged into the most important customer, business and competition monitoring tools currently available. Helping you to slowly refine and improve marketing results ensuring we make it more and more difficult for your competitors to compete.

See what’s possible for your business

Put me on the spot and learn what’s possible for your business with a free 30 minute interview. Get quick ideas, psychological inputs and recommendations

Start a project