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marketing psychology - Bryan Dibben, Kent

Small Business Consultant

Marketing + Psychology + Web Design

High performance marketing for small businesses in Kent
Bryan utilises the latest thinking in behavioural & performance sciences to design websites and marketing programmes so compelling that a certain percentage of your audience has no choice but to act…

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Limited availability for 2018

I will not be available to take on any more marketing & website work until Jan 2018.

Are you my ideal customer?…

1 marketingYou’re a business in Kent with big plans (but barely enough time to drink your coffee)

2 marketingYou know the importance of getting a great R.O.I from your website and marketing

3 marketingYou’ve perhaps tried many marketing and website ideas but need better results

If this is you then lets start growing your business with a quick conversation. You’ll learn what’s possible for your business and get quick answers to your marketing questions.

small business consultant

Local kent businesses I’m currently working with

Fully Booked for 2017

Home Gurr’own
Caterers & Event Management
Cranbrook, Kent

Visit the website I built

Fully Booked for 2018

The House Meadow
Wedding Venue
Biddenden, Kent

Visit the website I built

Paintings sold

Grierson Galleries
Art Gallery & Events
Sevenoaks, Kent

Visit the website I built

Doing the stuff that doesn’t cost a lot of money but has a big effect on your business

A new way of thinking
I’m different because I utilise the latest thinking in consumer psychology, social psychology and behavioural sciences to create marketing and websites that are concise, focused, clear and perfectly aligned to your business and customers.

The result?
Marketing so compelling that a certain percentage of your audience has no choice but to act. Then I stick my neck on the line by insisting we carry out testing to verify I’ve significantly grown your business. No jargon – no flannel – no hype – just credible, powerful marketing that gets straight to the point. If your goal is to get more traffic, more leads, more customers, greater loyalty and deeper relationships with customers then get in touch.

Bryan Dibben marketing

Get more traffic, more leads, more customers

  • 07478 271429

  • bryan@bryandibben.co.uk

  • 21 Golden Square, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6RN

  • Results
    I stick my neck on the line by insisting we carry out testing to verify I’ve grown your business.

  • Websites + Marketing
    Websites & Marketing so compelling a percentage of your audience has no choice but to act

  • Psychology
    …small inputs with great impact from consumer psychology & behavioural sciences…

Reassuringly qualified to plan your marketing

  • MASTERS in Marketing  | London Metropolitan University | 2005

  • DEGREE in Marketing  | London College of Communication | 2002

Current research interests

Applying psychological insights to explain customer decision-making.

Marketing qualifications - small business consultant

My process & methodology

doing the things your competitors aren’t doing…

My methodology is significantly different from what most other marketing people are doing but it works. It requires marketing expertise with design experience and marries this with insights from consumer psychology and the behavioural sciences. I’ve used this methodology with other local Kent businesses to great results. Here it is…

Before we start…

Lets reduce the complexity & map out how your customers actually decide

A customer journey map allows us to step into the shoes of the customer and map out how your customers think and decide. I’m looking for the thought processes and stages your customers go through and how these relate to your business and your competition. (it’s amazing how few businesses include competitor analysis).

The foundations for great marketing results
The result is a journey map that highlights key stages with psychological and behavioural information to help your business improve persuasiveness, minimizing friction and maximizing acquisition and retention. It’s the foundation for effective results driven marketing.

customer journey in marketing
See an actual journey map I’ve produced

twoIdentify (not guess) which parts of your marketing are underperforming

Once I’ve understood your customer’s journey and what factors influence their decisions I’ll get to work mapping this information into a marketing plan. The overall aim of the plan is to focus your business, website and marketing on the things that offer the highest R.O.I. and are the most effective.

Results driven marketing
My plans highlight where you are weak or underperforming, and what new activities offer the best opportunities to improve. My plans also include suggestions for which customer segments are most likely to be more profitable to target? (And what possible competition to avoid in your marketing).  The results are unique marketing plans designed to outmanoeuvre your competition.

  • The result is a plan to help you avoid wasteful ineffective marketing whilst giving your business a strong R.O.I.
stop marketing underperformance

Design an effective and persuasive marketing and website programme

Now is the time I’ll get straight to work turning your customer understanding to your advantage and outmanoeuvring your competition. Most inexperienced marketing professionals start here avoiding the hard work of steps 1 and 2 above and then can’t understand why their beautiful designs and marketing didn’t work. (I see this a lot)

The type of things I’ll design include everything from SEO to traditional advertising to web design with persuasive copywriting. However, I’ll also include non-traditional creative approaches often leveraging and applying psychological insights from the behavioural sciences. Basically, I’ll build, write, design or create anything which I feel gives your business an advantage and a clear results driven R.O.I.

Marketing programme for a small business

My full range of marketing skills available to you

01. Planning / Strategy

  • Marketing Planning

  • Business Strategy

02. Websites

  • Website Plan & Design

  • SEO Integration

  • Website Copywriting

03. Marketing Tactics

  • Copywriting

  • Email Marketing

  • Online Advertising

  • Customer Retention Strategies

  • Customer Advocacy Tactics

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Management

04. Measure

  • Website Analytics

  • ROI Marketing Analysis

05. Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Ebook (Indesign)

  • Video Editing

06. Research Interests

  • Psychology of decision making
  • Behavioural Economics

  • Copywriting in Web Design

07. Currently Learning

  • Video Editing & Production

Plugging your business into all the essential marketing measuring tools

Predict and measure performance.
Marketing is tough. Don’t let other marketing ‘gurus’ agencies tell you different. It’s tough because we’re dealing with human customers, interacting with other humans and being influenced by other humans. It’s like predicting the weather. And just like meteorologists’ – marketers need tools to help predict, measure and improve performance.

Refine and improve marketing results
I’ll make sure your business is plugged into the most important customer, business and competition monitoring tools currently available. Helping you to slowly refine and improve marketing results ensuring we make it more and more difficult for your competitors to compete.

What if, 12 months from now, your had 2X as many customers as you do today?

CASE STUDY | Growing a local Kent business

small business consultant - growing your Kent business

Here’s how we grew turnover by over 550% in 4 short years

Home Gurr’own is a family run smallholding and caterer who grow and make fine local food for weddings and private events. In a few short years, Home Gurr’own has grown substantially, doubling its revenue every year since 2010.

Read the case study
Sophie Theobald of Home Gurrown - Kent

See what’s possible for your business

Put me on the spot and learn what’s possible for your business with a free 30 minute interview. Get quick ideas, psychological inputs and recommendations

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Find more customers to know and love your business with a professional marketing programme

I can help your business target, attract and acquire more profitable customers through a variety of online and offline marketing tactics. I won’t use them all at once but will carefully select the tactics I think will result in the best outcome for your business.

  • Learn to find and attract profitable customers

  • Get customers to love and recommend your business

  • Get customers to buy from you again and again

Get a perfectly designed website with psychological triggers to attract & persuade your customers

Most websites do a poor job of attracting and converting website visitors into customers? They are poor because not enough time has been spent understanding how your customers think or act. I design websites that are easy to use and talk directly to visitors in a way that is persuasive and tells them what they need to know.

  • Persuasive website with pro copywriting & SEO

  • Tailored graphic design & professional images

  • Inbuilt website analytics to measure ROI

I stick my neck on the line by insisting we carry out testing to verify I’ve grown your business

How effective is the time your business spends on Facebook? Did it lead to more sales or leads? Would this time be better spent on improving your website or advertising on google? Answering these types of questions and optimising your marketing can be made easier with a marketing analytics programme.

  • Understand quickly what marketing initiatives need improving

  • Learn what parts of your website are underperforming and need enhancing

  • Identify how your website & marketing affects outcomes like leads & sales

Marketing Analytics - Growing your business

See what’s possible for your business

Put me on the spot and learn what’s possible for your business with a free 30 minute interview. Get quick ideas, psychological inputs and recommendations

Book a free 30 minute chat